About Us

Our mission is to make plant-based, whole food accessible and convenient…
and of course tasty and satisfying.

About the food…
Hand-crafted from whole grains, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruit.
All vegan (no meat, no dairy, no eggs).
At least 75% organic ingredients - always organic for “The Dirty Dozen.”
No GMO's - always organic soy, wheat, and corn.
Always whole grains (even in the snacks/desserts).
Lots of gluten free, nut free, soy free, and no added oil options too!

About us…

Annette Baker and Marianne Lacko are sisters who started Nature's Plate in response to friends’ requests – “If I had someone to cook for me, I would eat healthy lunches like you every day.”  They started out by cooking extra portions and selling them each week.  Nature’s Plate became an official business in 2012 and started growing beyond friends, family, and co-workers at the beginning of 2014.  

Nature's Plate is based on the belief that whole, plant-based foods are a major part of the answer to our society’s biggest issues – including obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and general lack of health/vitality.  Annette and Marianne are driven to share this concept with others and make it easier to add real food to our diets while cutting out processed, factory-farmed items.

They know from personal experience (having been vegan for over 15 years) that a plant-based diet, based on whole, unprocessed food can do wonders for energy level, weight maintenance, athletic ability, and much more!   According to Annette, “It really made a difference in my running ability, strength, and overall energy level when I cut out almost all sugar and processed food, in addition to eating plant-based.”

Marianne takes the lead on all of the company's baking.  She has loved baking since she was young and now has a passion for making delicious "treats" from healthy, whole ingredients.  Annette discovered her interest in cooking healthy, flavorful meals after giving up meat almost 15 years ago, and she holds a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from eCornell.