As you may know, plant-based food is inherently better for our environment and we’ve always focused on making our business sustainable by:

  • Composting our vegetable waste
  • Recycling waste from our operation (this is rare for businesses in Dallas because we have to pay for private pick up)
  • Using recycled paper products and environmentally friendly cleaning products in our kitchen.
  • Being diligent about food waste

But what about our containers?

  • The following items used in our kitchen and store are compostable:
    • Smoothie Cups and STRAWS
    • Utensils
    • Sample Cups
    • Salad (clear plastic) containers
    • More than half of our meal containers
  • The remainder of our containers are made from non-BPA recyclable plastic.  Why not 100% compostable?  We’ve researched and tested compostable containers since we started our business years ago, and the technology and selection has improved but they are still not available in all the sizes we need.  We will continue on this path...