Insulated Bag Exchange

As part of our ongoing effort to lessen our environmental impact and based on your requests, we are now using reuseable, insulated bags to pack weekly pre-orders and meal plans.

Participation is optional - just let us know you want to participate.

Because we pack up orders and meal plans before the pick ups start each Sunday, we’re not able to pack your items in your own bag each week. We’ll have your order packed and ready to go in a Nature's Plate insulated bag.


Things to know:

  1. This is a bag exchange.  You won’t get the same bag each week.  We don’t have the storage capacity (or the logistical brain power) to keep up with that.
  2. Please wipe the bag clean before returning it – you’ll appreciate getting a clean bag each week.
  3. Please don’t write your name in the bag for the same reason.
  4. If you are on a meal plan that is too large for one (or even two) bags, we’ll do the same thing w/ multiple bags. 
  5. This will work with weekly meal plans or for anyone who orders regularly. 
  6. If you don’t already have a Nature’s Plate insulated bag, we’ll give you one with your first/next order, when you sign up for a meal plan, or you can buy one for $6.95.