Compostable Containers & Pricing

  1. What’s different about the containers? The bottoms of the containers are made from various plant fibers and are safe to heat in the microwave.  The lids are made from plant fiber or recycled plastic and CANNOT BE MICROWAVED.You may need to be more careful about handling the containers to insure food does not spill – see more about soups below. 
  2. Do I recycle these containers or throw them in the trash?  They are not recyclable but will degrade in composting facilities or landfills.  They do take longer in a landfill but will degrade in a matter of months.  So please throw them in your trash unless you have access to a commercial composting facility.
  3. Why not 100% compostable?  We’re keeping the current containers for soups and pints of salad/sandwich fillings.  The compostable containers’ lids are not tight fitting enough to transport the soups.  And these containers have a much higher rate of reuse, so they’re more sustainable already.
  4. Can these containers be heated in the oven?  Not at this time, but we will add oven safe containers as they become available in the sizes and spec we need.
  5. How much are the prices going up?  On average the price increase is less than 10% and some items have no increase.  Our meal plans still offer a significant discount, and you can now get a bigger discount as you add more meals to your plan.