Compostable Containers & Pricing for Meal Plans

We’re making a big move for sustainability with compostable containers – more on this below!  This move will accompany a small price increase to allow us to continue our mission and balance affordability, fair compensation, and quality ingredients.  Meal plans will now offer an even more significant discount vs a la carte purchasing, and we’re taking this opportunity to restructure the meal plans for more simplicity:

You will now see two base options – regular and large – and have already been moved into one based on your prior plan’s size.

5 Regular Meals $41 (8.20/meal)

5 Large Meals $54 (10.80/meal)

  • Although the base plans are based on 5 meals, you can select as many as you like plus add ons.
  • As you add more meals or add ons, you’ll receive discounts:
    • 5% discount on total weekly order of $70 or more
    • 10% discount on total weekly order of $100 or more
  • Breakfast (breakfasts plates, parfait, and oatmeal) can be subbed for meals, and the overall price will be adjusted based on the lower cost of the breakfast items.
  • Breakfast tacos and Carrot Cake Cookies will now appear as single items in the add on section, so you can decide exactly what quantity you’d like.
  • Add Ons will be available for all of the following categories as well: snack plates, sides, cookies and other desserts, bars, pints.
  • Auto fill – when the Tuesday reminder comes out, your cart will already have selections in it – based on the number of meals and breakfasts you selected the previous week. The add ons will not be populated.  You are free to change these selections (or skip or cancel through Thursday at 7pm).  The best part about this is that your insulated bag selection will now auto fill as well – carrying this option from week to week.

More on the move to compostables:

As you may know, plant-based food is inherently better for our environment (see article below) and we’ve always focused on making our business sustainable by:

  • Composting our vegetable waste
  • Recycling waste from our operation (this is rare for businesses in Dallas because we have to pay for private pick up)
  • Using compostable smoothie cups, straws, utensils as well as salad containers made from recycled plastic.
  • Using recycled paper products and environmentally friendly cleaning products in our kitchen.

    But NOW, we are transitioning to compostable meal containers!  The initial change takes place this week and will include at least 50% of our menu!  We will transition 85% or more within the next 3 months and then we’ll go from there.

    We’ve researched and tested compostable containers since we started our business years ago, and the technology and selection has improved to make this possible.  The price of these sustainable containers is significantly higher than our current containers, so some price increases are accompanying this change.

    You have our promise that we will continue to balance the following in our decision making:

      • Affordability - our mission includes making plant-based food accessible
      • Quality ingredients – including organics
      • Fair compensation for our team

    We’ve put together an FAQ and we’d love to hear your feedback or any other questions – please let us know what you think!

    FAQ – on containers and meal plan changes

    1. How do I receive my previous meal plan of 10 meals & 5 breakfasts? Simply select 10 meals & 5 breakfasts this week and going forward – you’ll automatically receive a 10% discount for any week when you select 10+ meals.  And if you prefer to let us choose the meals, just select them once (this week) and then you’ll receive that number of meals in the future.  (Add on items do have to be selected separately each week.)
    2. I selected gluten free as a preference but still see options in my menu that are not gluten free. Why?  We will always show you the entire menu (which some people have requested). If we select meals for you, we will not select any out of line with your preferences. 
    3. How much are the prices going up? On average the price increase on meal plans is 7-8% and less if you select more items.  The average price increase on individual items (purchased in the store) is slightly more.
    4. What’s different about the containers? The bottoms of the containers are made from various plant fibers and are safe to heat in the microwave.  The lids are made from plant fiber or recycled plastic and CANNOT BE MICROWAVED. You may need to be more careful about handling the containers to insure food does not spill – see more about soups below. 
    5. Do I recycle these containers or throw them in the trash? They are not recyclable but will degrade in composting facilities or landfills.  They do take longer in a landfill but will degrade in a matter of months.  So please throw them in your trash unless you have access to a commercial composting facility.
    6. Why not 100% compostable? We’re keeping the current containers for soups and pints of salad/sandwich fillings.  The compostable containers’ lids are not tight fitting enough to transport the soups.  And these containers have a much higher rate of reuse, so they’re more sustainable already.
    7. Can these containers be heated in the oven? Not at this time, but we'll oven safe containers as soon as they become available in sizes and specs that meet all of our requirements.