Meal Plan Pricing 2021

You may notice a change to our meal plan pricing this week. 


  • Increased food costs and our ongoing commitment to provide quality ingredients, including 100% non-GMO and mostly organic.
  • Increased cost of living and our desire to pay a fair wage.

The recent increases to the cost of living in Dallas led us to take a hard look at our wage rates.  We have adjusted all wages based on current costs, including paying our full-time employees in line with living wage guidelines. 

We will always strive to balance paying a fair wage with offering the community affordable, healthy meals; and this change is a balance of those factors.  

As a small, local business, we are unable to absorb these costs without a price increase, and we hope you understand.

The new meal plan rate for regular size meals is $10.20 - so $51 a week for 5 meals.  And discount rates still apply: 5% discount for $70 orders and 10% discount for $100 orders.  And our loyalty rewards are still in place as well.

Thank you for your continued trust and support!  Whether you recently subscribed or have been a on a meal plan with us for years, we truly appreciate you!

-Annette & Marianne