Swedish Meatballs w/ Peppered Kale

Swedish Meatballs w/ Peppered Kale

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Our take on Swedish meatballs with all the saucy deliciousness! Served on a bed of brown rice with lightly peppered kale & onions on the side.



gravy (filtered water, whole organic soybeans*, mushrooms*, onion, tamari (water, soybeans*, salt, alcohol (to preserve freshness)), rice flour*, nutritional yeast, nutritional yeast, spice, garlic, brown rice miso* (soybeans, rice koji, salt,), maple syrup*), kale & onions (onion, kale*, lemon juice, garlic*, spice, sea salt), brown rice*, swedish meatballs (lentils*, mushrooms, onion, brown rice*, walnuts, oats*, garlic, flaxseed*, sea salt). *organic

Contains: Soy, Walnuts

Gluten Free, No Added Oil


Nutrition Facts shown for Regular Serving (Large Serving = 1.5 x Regular)

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